God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for He has Blessed us with a Life filled with Virtues, for it is said that Patience is a Virtue but that is not all that we have Within us that is of Virtue. God has Graced us with the ability to display many forms of Virtue for it is behavior that is holy and of pure goodness, without judgement of others and forgiving in nature. For it is the behavior we display towards one another that is Virtuous and not only our ability to be patient and wait on God, it is an act of acceptance and relinquishment of superficial control, for God is in Control for He is the Power, the Light and the Glory that instills Within us the ability to be a reflection of Him. For being Virtuous is a choice in which we display angelic behavior towards others and not sit in judgment but be more of acceptance in nature and action, for this displays that it is understood that we are all Children of God worthy of Love and Forgiveness which are also acts of Virtue. It is said that there is a list of the seven cardinal Virtues that are the opposite of the seven deadly sins. It begins with Humility which is the opposite of pride, Kindness which is the opposite of envy, Abstinence which is the opposite of gluttony, Chastity which is the opposite of lust, Patience which is the opposite of anger, Liberality which is the opposite of greed and Diligence which is the opposite of sloth. When you look at all of these Virtues as a whole they make up a person that is not driven by insecurity nor their ego, it is the ability to put others before self and to display affectionate towards others in the manner in which God would have it for it is said that we should do unto others as we shall have them do unto us and this is a small part of what being Virtuous is about. Being Virtuous is a choice and it is many other things about being good to thyself and to others, being respectful and walking in your truth which is the Light of God and acts of selflessness, for Being Virtuous is an act of Patience and it begins with Loving thyself and thy Brother and knowing that no matter what God Loves You. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I Am Virtue. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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