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God Blessed Morning Family!

When I Am Afraid, I Put My Trust In You. Psalm 56:3, For The Lord Is My Shepherd I Fear No Evil, for Fear is a lack of Faith in self and God. I trust in God and Let Go of my Fears for they server me no true purpose but to stagnate my Spiritual Growth and place doubt where there was once confidence. I step out in Faith for I Know That Thy Rod and Staff comfort and protect me and my path is illuminated with Your Light. There will be fleeting moments when Fear will serve a purpose for it is an emotion that is meant to provoke action that will protect me from danger, but once I am aware of the danger my instinctive nature of fight or flight will take over and the emotion of Fear is no longer needed. For God does not want us to Live in Fear of Life or death for each moment serves as a gift that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows for Spiritual Growth into eternity. Some of us allow Fear to take over our every thought and influence our judgement for we are fearful of failure and therefore we allow Fear to be the deciding factor in our daily choices thinking we are protecting ourselves from discomfort but what we are really doing is allowing Fear to control our Life and restricting our movements, thoughts and growth. When you Live in Fear you are not really Living you are stifling your Spirit from exploring the multitude of possibilities in which God has placed before us and showing that we lack Faith in ourselves as well as in God. Take this moment to face your Fears and Know That God Is by your side, for every breath that you take He is present and He is more powerful than your greatest Fears. Know that the Lord Is Your Light and Salvation, whom shall you Fear? For He is the strength of your Life, whom shall you be afraid of? Fear only has the power in which you give it, for if you give it no power it will not exist. Silence Your Fears, overcome Your doubt, Know That the Grace of God watches over You and where God Is fear does not exist for it has no power in His presence. Be Still And Know That I Am Faith. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I Fear Not. Be Still And Know.



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