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Having Faith is something that we speak about but it is also displayed in our actions. If you say you have Faith then you should not have doubt, if you say you have Faith then you should not Live in fear. Faith is the acknowledgement of what is not seen and putting action towards getting what we desire even when we still question our ability to have a successful outcome. Faith is not only reading the word of God but it is also walking in the word when you are in complete darkness. It is the ability to see Light when there is a total eclipse of the sun and those around you are completely absorbed in negative thought. Having Faith is not just going through the actions it is also acknowledging the Power of God over all that exists. There are those that sit in judgement of others and will the power in which their position of employment or their status in Life allows them but this is not true power for man cannot have power over man for what they are displaying is a false sense of power. Man cannot take credit for the failure or prosperity of others for our destiny is ordained and only each individual has the choice of the direction in which they will take to reach their destiny. There might be roadblocks along the way but during this journey every step is taken in the presence of God, for we are not alone, for whether we walk in Faith or lack Faith we walk with God. Fear not for He is present, hesitate not for He is by your side, step out in Faith for He is your Light and Salvation, for He is the strength of your Life, whom shall you fear? Keep alert, stand firm in your Faith, be courageous, be strong. Corinthians 16:13. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I Am Faith. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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