God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God For Everything Occurs Within His Divine Order. Can you image if everything you desired you received at the very moment in which you said you wanted it to occur? Can you fathom what would a Life without anticipation, and without patience would be like? I think it would be unfulfilling and even boring. For there is imagination and excitement in our dreams and desires when we give hope that our Prayers are heard and will be answered within His Divine Order. For there is the ultimate connection to God that cannot be denied when He answers your Prayers. God has provided us with an abundance of resources in which we do not have to wait patiently on receiving, such as water, air and sunlight. These elements of the earth are what we require to survive for we shall not want. But it is the other material items in which we place a heavy fixation upon and desire to possess immediately that occupies the majority of our thoughts and Prayers. As a Child of God His Divine Order plays a major role in our journey, for if we were to have everything we desire at the very moment we would not know the virtues of patience and anticipation, we would not know the blessings that come with Prayer, and we would not know how to identify the hand of God when He moves us from the darkness into His Light. For it is our Prayers that connect us to God and there is nothing wrong with having everything you desire that comes Within His Divine Order for we understand the premise behind Prayer, Patience and Anticipation, for all the Glory is to God. For we are even more aware of His presence and His Unconditional Love when our Prayers are answered, for we Know that He has not only heard our Prayers but He has placed things in motion to fulfill them within His Divine Order. For everything we have achieved, received and desired that has come to fruition were manifested and obtained Within His Divine Order of His Master Plan. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Divine Order. Be Still And Know That I Am Ordained. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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