God Blessed Morning Family!

I Am Enlightened For I Am illuminated for His Light Lives Within me. As a Child of God His Light is never far from me for it resides Within me. When shadows threaten to overcast my pathway I go Within and tap into the Light which He instilled Within me. For I Know He is my Shepherd and He leads me through the shadows of darkness. I shall fear no evil for His Light surrounds me, His Light shines down upon me. His Light protects me for wherever I Am He Is and I Am the Light Within. Let There Be Light, for Without Light there is no Life, for it is the beginning of all creations. For nothing grows in the darkness for it all has been exposed to His Light. Every particle, molecule, atom, and element has been touched by His Light, for it did not it would not exist. He created Light to supply all with the necessary energy to fulfill all of our physical and Spiritual needs, for we are formed of His Light, we are born into His Light, we Live in His Light, we are His Light, and we will transition into His Light. There is no Light brighter nor is there any other Light that can create and sustain Life, for His Light is all we will ever need, for it gives us guidance, protection and energy for it is Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I An Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Within.



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