God Blessed Morning Family!

Be Still, for in those moments in which we will feel lost it is necessary to Know That He is present. Be Still And Know That, Yes, He Is your internal and external God Purposed Spirit (GPS), providing more than just physical Guidance, for He is also our Spiritual Guidance. For He is the breeze that move us across the ocean and settles us on solid ground. He is the brightest star that Lights our way when all other man made forms of Light have failed us. He is the rising of the sun and the moon, He is the directional force that moves the compass needle in all directions favorable to our destiny. For His Guidance is not a random it is a Gift that He has placed Within us so that we Know He is present at all times. Even though we might not call upon Him and we might even neglect to acknowledge Him , He will always acknowledge us for we are His Children and although He has made us in His image He has also give us a part of Him for He has placed Within us His God Purposed Spirit so that we are never without His Guidance through out this journey for He has ordained our destiny and He has placed our destiny's directional map in all the elements of the universe from the stars to the moon and into the sun and wind as well as upon the earth's solid ground for our destiny is all around us and there is no escaping the Guidance in which He has carefully placed along our illuminated pathway for He is our Shepherd and He not only Leads us to green pastures and still waters but He also gives us Guidance along the way. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I Am Guidance. Be Still And Know That I Am Destiny Be Still And Know That I Am.



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