God Blessed Morning Family!

For He is the Master of my Universe, I shall not want and for this reason I shall Let Go and Let God guide me through this journey for He is my Shepherd. When God created the universe He was very specific and detailed about the way things should be. He created the ocean and everything that resides within it serves a purpose. Even the insects, animals and plant life that thrive and roam the land serve a purpose and all their needs are fulfilled. Therefore, why would I be created for anything less? The truth is that we are created for the greater good of all of mankind. For He had ordained our destiny and every time we attempt to control what we believe to be our destiny we begin to struggle because we are going against the purpose in which we were created and like a lamb that has strayed from the flock our Shepherd is guiding us back on course. We cry out and struggle because we think we are right in the direction we have chosen but when you find work or a relationship to be a struggle this is the time we should Be Still and take a look at what God is trying to tell us. For when we struggle and strain to move in one direction we should take pause for the universe is also sending a message that we are moving in the wrong direction, we are swimming against the current and we are planting our seeds upside-down. It is precisely at these moments in which we are to Let Go and Let God guide us for we have lost our way. Life does have its ups and downs and that is because we are to learn from these experiences and grow Spiritually. But we are not suppose to be down more than we are up, for when God has defined your purpose everything falls in place. When things start to unravel then we should cease from pushing forward and lay our struggles at His feet, for He is present to not only watch over and protect you but He will guide you and at times when needed He will carry you through the valley of the shadows. Stop struggling and Let Go and Let God for He is there and He is aware of your difficulties and confusion, understand that this is not your battle for if God is for you then whom shall be against you. Be Still And Know That I Am Present. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I Am Guidance. Be Still And Let Go And Let God.



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