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God Blessed Morning Family!

It is by the Grace of God that we survive our darkest moments in Life. For Grace is the unmerited favor of God bestowed upon us. Even when we Know that we have gone against His word and we feel we are undeserving and not worthy of His Blessings He Knows that we are worthy, for His Love and Grace are unconditional.  Imagine if we were to give Grace in this manner to our enemies and those that have crossed and betrayed us, what would that not only do to them but what would it do to us? The thought aline is mind blowing but the idea is real for many of days we sin against one another and turn our back on God's ways and He still bestows us with His Grace. For God is a Forgiving God and He gave up His only begotten Son to save and forgive us from our sins. A God of punishment He is not but we experience difficulty and dark times because of the negative energy of karma we have generated throughout this journey.  You see God gives us Grace no matter what we do but it is our karma that returns for payment of our negative behavior.  It is God that saves us from our karma when we pray for His forgiveness of our trespasses, but there are times in which we do not pray for forgiveness nor do we acknowledge Him and this is when He will still give us His Grace for He is not only a Loving God but also a Forgiving God.  Praise God for it is by His Grace that I Am here today. Praise Him for He is generous and He has betowed His Grace upon us unconditionally. Be Still And Know I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Grace. Be Still And Know That I Am Unconditional.  Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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