God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for He has given us all a Meaningful Life that is ordained for greatness. There are those who search for greatness in the physical world and will settle for praise and material items to serve as accolades as a defintion of their Meaning to Life. A Meaningful Life is not defined by a particular moment in Life, it is the entire journey of your Spiritual Life which defines us for every creation of God serves a purpose and as a Child of God our roles along this journey serve to benefit the greater good of all and not to serve just one's ego. If you feel that your Life has no Meaning and your presence fills no purpose then you are dead wrong and you are focusing on the physical aspect of your Life and not the overall Spiritual identity of your Eternal Life. For God did not just create you to be a space filler in the background scenery of someone else's Life. He created you with a well thought out purpose to be fulfilled only by you and no other for He made us all different and with a defined objective to be achieved throughout this physical and Spiritual journey. It is up to you to see your defined purpose and not look at others to give you guidance for man cannot define the purpose of another man's Life he can only bear witness to it. For it is natural to question your purpose in Life and to search to find the Meaning of your Life but don't question why God has created you for all of His creations are to serve a purpose that is Meaningful. It is your challenge to find Meaning in your daily actions and interactions with each other but your Spirit has found its purpose for it is lead by the Light of God and Knows that as a Spiritual Being it serves a greater purpose that is ordained to go on into Eternity for He has defined all Life to Be Meaningful for if it were not we would not exist. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Eternal. Be Still And Know That I Am Meaningful. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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