​God Blessed Morning Family!

The measure you Give will be the measure you get.—Matthew 7:2 Some find this passage to mean that if we Give we will receive in return at the level we Give and for some this is the only reason they Give. But reciprocation is not the purpose of Giving Freely for when you Give Freely it is in Love and you expect nothing in return, for Giving in this manner releases you and the recipient from any bondage and obligations being placed on the Spirit of Giving. For when you bind your Spirit of Giving with the expectation of reciprocation it places the Freedom of Giving into a different dimension. For when much is Given with expectation it changes the energy of Love in which we are to Give, for it forms into an energy of anticipation and expectation of what will be Given in return. Now your gift of Love is not that for it has been turned into a business transaction in which places a vail of burden upon the recipient and a material value upon the gift rather that a Spiritual value of Love. If you truly have Given Freely with no expectations of reciprocation you would not be holding onto the idea that if the recipient does not return unto you a gift in like kind God will. This is not the intended nature of Giving Freely unto one another for it is said that it is better to Give than it is to receive. For when we Give Freely we are expressing Love unto the recipient and this is a small insight as to how God Gives unto us, without expectations and unconditionally. For when you Give with limitations and expectations you will receive back with limitations and expectations and you will never Know the blessings of Giving Freely from the heart. Open your heart and Give from your heart because that is where the Gift of Giving Freely begins. For when God Gives it is without limitations, hesitation and without expectations place upon your receipt of His Gift of Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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