God Blessed Morning Family!

I Am at Peace for I Am a Child of God. Today World Peace seems to be something of a fantasy even more now than before, but this is because the closer we are to achieving our goals for World Peace the more roadblocks are placed in our way to discourage us from following through.  This seems to be the common theme with most everything desired in Life. With Peace there is a slight difference for the more you desire Peace and the closer you are to achieving it the more you are surrounded by others of similar energy, for to be at Peace is a desire that comes from Within. In other words you cannot say I want Peace because someone else desires it, you must desire it as well in order to have it for it all begins Within you. Christ demonstrated this when He was able to calm the sea not because He spoke the words, "Peace Be Still", but because He was already at Peace and projected His Peaceful energy towards the universe so that not only the waters were calmed but also the Disciples that were in panic mode and with little Faith. Because His Peace was Within Him He was able to not only project Peace He was able to attract Peace from Within the universe. We have a simple choice we can desire to be at Peace and Peace we shall have or we can desire to be void of Peace and then we will not Know or have Peace. For the Peace that we seek and desire starts from Within, for we are born of Peace,  because Our Father is the King of Peace. There is no need to create Peace for it already exists Within you, for it has been ordained that Peace Be With You for it is your birthright as a Child of God. Therefore, Pray for World Peace as well as Be the Peace you desire in the World for it is Within You. Be Still And Know That I Am Peace. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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