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God Blessed Morning Family!

It is God''s Commandment that we Love our neighbors, and so it is understood that we should see and approach our Brothers in Love and give of it Freely. Therefore, why is it that when we first meet a stranger we tend to approach them with caution and judgement before we determine they are capable of receiving our Love? This is because society has taught us that in order to survive we are to question everything. This is not the way of God, for when Christ walk this earth He did so in the manner in which all man was received in Love and no judement was cast for He welcomed everyone unconditionally and with Forgiveness of their sins. This is the way we are to receive and greet one another without judgement and with unconditional Love. So why is it difficult to do as such? I say it is because we do not trust ourselves nor do we have Faith in God's Master Plan for us all, for if we did we would not double lock our doors as we do our hearts and question the motives of one another for when we walk in Love and give Love Freely we are surrounded by Love. For Love conquers all. This is why God commands that we Love one another as we Love ourselves, but this is difficult for the majority for they do not Love themselves and therefore, they do not Know how to Love or receive Love from another. Begin your day by telling yourself that God Loves You, and whenever you think of something negative about yourself counter it with the words, "God Loves Me". Once you have mastered this move onto telling yourself, "I Love Me and Therefore, I Love You!" Say this enough times to where the response becomes so natural that you have no problem saying it out loud to yourself and to those you meet during the course of the day. Soon you will not hesitate to say you Love your neighbor because you will truly feel the Love that you have Within bursting to be shared with all of God's Children. You will then understand that Love should not come with a ransom in order to be given for it is to be given Freely and with abundance not dolled out to the few that please you at a particular moment and not given with conditions. Ever wonder why it is so easy to say we Love an inanimate object before we can say we Love one another? It is because an inanimate object has limited ways in which it can displease us and we have a million plus ways to judge one another. Remember that when we hold back on Loving Freely we are also putting up barriers and blocking ourselves from receiving Love. We must remember that Love conquers all and it heals all wounds but it is also what connects us to God, for it pleases Him when we Love Freely for it shows not only our Faith and Love for Him but also in ourselves, for God is Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Free. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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