God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for He has given us this day. Let us Rejoice and Be Grateful for what we have today and not focus on what will come tomorrow. Unfortunately the majority of the time we spend awake we have been programmed by society that it is normal to focus on what we don't have and to focus our attention on ways to get what we don't have even if we don't need it. Imagine if we spent just a tent of our time that we focus on what we don't have by turning our thoughts to being Grateful for what we do have. Before you rise from bed just lay there and Thank God for giving you the rest you needed to rise this morning. Thank Him for giving you the energy to breath and face the day in which He has made for your pleasure and enjoyment. Be Grateful for He has made this day and it is yours to do as you desire. Society might have given you a blueprint of what man expects of you to coexist but God has given you this day to do as you so desire for He is the reason you exist. The pressures you perceive of this physical world are just that, they are what you perceive. For God has created this day for you to make of it and take from it what you desire. How amazing is that? Just the thought of an entire day being given unto you to do as you so please, for this day and everyday is what you make of it. This is not a simple or average feat to be taken for granted for the time we spend in the physical and with one another is a Gift from God. For He is the reason we breath and it is through Him which allows us to achieve all that we have as well as accomplish what is to come. I Am Grateful to rise in the morning and pay homage to God for He is the reason in which I breath and up to this very moment I can focus on how Grateful I Am that He has chosen to awaken me on this day, and is allowing me to walk in His Light. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Grateful. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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