​God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for He has made us in His Image. The Image that you see in the mirror is a shell of the person that you are and a reflection of what you desire to present in the physical. But your true Image is what is seen in the glistening of your eyes for they are the windows to your Soul and reveal the true Image of your Spirit. For the eyes reveal your every thought that you hold in the vault of your mind and the deep desires of your Soul which you hold in the chambers of your heart. The Image we hold of God is not the same Image we hold of ourselves but it should be because we are not only made in His Image but we are true reflections of Him. For we must not forget that we are Spiritual Beings having a Physical experience and what we do in the Physical shall impact our Spiritual Karma no matter if its purpose was good or bad for Karma is the return of energy in which we put out into the universe, and this energy is a reflection of the Image in which we presented to society and in return it impacts our Inner Spiritual Being in which we carry into eternity. Therefore please understand that the Image we present today is not only a reflection of who we are today but it also impacts our Karma of tomorrow and into our eternal Life, for our Image not only impacts the physical experience it impacts the Soul. This is why it is said that first impressions last a Lifetime for they are impossible to erase from someone's memory of experiences for our Image is etched in our Soul and connects with the Souls of the universe. So when you look in the mirror to check your physical Image take a look into your eyes and see the Image in which your Soul is reflecting for if you don't like what you see the good thing is you can always make an effort to change it for we are made in His Image and our Image is a reflection of Him, for I see His Image in You. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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