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​God Blessed Morning Family! Praise God for my understanding and ability to Learn is unlimited. I Am fascinated when I see children and the elderly master the technology of today. For I am thrilled to see how fast children absorb and pick up the skill and knowledge to utilize the latest technical gadgets and I Am inspired to see when the elderly fearlessly face technology and concur its complexity without breaking a sweat. This tells me that the mind can achieve anything in which we desire and the only thing holding us back is our own thoughts of defeat. For some of us the idea of Learning something new sometimes is shrouded in fear of failure, self doubt and judgement. This is because we fail to see that God can do All, for what we find impossible is possible for Him, and if we just ask He will see us through our fears. For all things are possible with God and it is because of Him in which I have Faith in the fact that anything and everything is possible with God by your side for He created the universe, our temples and our Souls and therefore there is nothing in which He cannot do. Allow yourself to face your fears and you will see that they are not what you have created them to be and in fact we have given our fears the power in which they hold against us for nothing and no one has power over a Child Of God but God. Learn that only you have the power to control your destiny by taking control of your mind and fears and you will see that what you fear of Learning something new is a minor distraction and nothing more. Be Still And Know That I Am Power. Be Still And Know That I Am Glory. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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