God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for Joy is a gift in which He has instilled Within us. I Am Grateful that the Power of Joy is something that cannot be purchased for if it was it would be limited to a few that could financially afford it and it would not be in abundance because some will allow greed to take over and ration out the amount of Joy that would be available to the masses. Fortunately for us God has Blessed All of His Children with the Power of Joy and it is not in control of man whether we have it in our Lives or not for God has created Joy to be Within us All. When it is said that someone is trying to steal your Joy it is a phrase that is meant to emphasize how precious Joy is and that it is so valuable others will attempt to emotionally remove it from its possessor for their Joy is lost Within them who seek it from others who choose to cheerfully display their Joy without hesitation. Joy is a gift from God that is always with us for we have a choice of allowing it to flow throughout our day or to hide it in the chambers of our heart. For weeping might endure for the night but Joy will come in the morning. For there are times in which circumstances beyond our control might cause us to express sorrow with regards to situations we cannot control but sorrow is temporary and when we have dealt with it the Joy in which God instilled Within us moves out of the shadows of our sorrow and illuminates our temple once again for Joy is not fleeting nor will we ever be without it for it is the fabric of our Soul for when God created us He filled and stiched every part of our Souls with the threads and fabric of Joy so that we will always Know the blessings of His creative and Loving Heart in which He has instilled Within us. For our Joy cannot be stolen nor given away , it can only be shield or shadowed by our choice but it remains Within us for all of eternity. For the Joy you seek is Within you, for we are the Joy in which we seek. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Joy. Be Still And Know That I Am Life.



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