God Blessed Morning Family!

Our Father Who Art In Heaven...Give Us This Day... This prayer is asking God to give us an abundance of Love and Forgiveness for we are ready to Recieve. It is said that it is better to Give than Receive, and for the majority of us we don't have a problem with Giving but there are times in which we do have an issue with Receiving and the two go hand in hand. I Am not saying that you should have an expectation to Give in reciprocation of Receiving but there is a time when we struggle to Receive as graciously as we are Giving. I for one Live to Give to others but I do struggle when I Am on the Receiving end for it is not as I don't feel worthy but I find it not necessary, and that is the problem because when I don't celebrate the gift of Receiving as I do the gift of Giving I Am blocking the full experience of what God had in store when He Gives Us This Day...for we are the recipients of His Love and He has commanded that we Love one another which is done in the form of Giving and Receiving. Giving does not necessarily mean in the form of material items for gifts of Love come in all forms that are valued by the recipient such as Giving of time spent just being present, Prayer for others, kind words of value, positive energy and there are much more ways to Give without it being of a material nature. What is important that you allow yourself to Receive these gifts in whatever form in which they might come because to deny the Giver or downplay the gift is to shadow the Love in which it was Given and to disallow the Giver the Joy that come's with the positive energy of Giving in the manner in which they are choosing to share with you in honor of you and God. We Give not because we must but because we can and most of all because we desire to honor the Light of God Within each other and we Receive not because we need to but because we want to extend the honor of the Light of God Within. For we are worthy of His Love and when we Give and Receive we honor Him in Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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