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God Blessed Morning Family!

We all have been Blessed with a Mind of our own, so why is it that we allow others to lead us rather than seeking out the information for ourselves. It is because over a course of time we have been programmed to doubt ourselves and look up to people who have been designated by an institution as a authority on a specific subject. Such as a doctor, teacher, or lawyer just to name a few but the career title in which we have allowed the most leeway without and doubt is the ministry. People will blindly give of time, money and authority to anyone with a collar, robe or wardrobe depicting that they are of an organized religion. Unfortunately some have used this title to manipulate and have deemed themselves teachers of the Faith and have placed themselves in a position of authority in our lives because they have completed some form of school of ministry. I am not saying there is anything wrong with everyone in the minisry but I just want you to use your Mind and recall that Jesus was ordained to minister and called into His position. He did not have to attend a school to obtain the Knowledge in which He had in the Commandments of our Father. For we are all born with the road map of our Life etched into our Mind, Body and Soul for we are all capable of knowing right from wrong without being told for it is in our nature to be loving and kind to one another. Don't allow man to control the way you are to think and understand your path for many have the desire to minister but not all are called by God. Be of a composed and single Mind and do your due diligence and verify all that you are told and if it does not sound right investigate, ask God to help you decipher the details so that you can make the right choices because you feel they are right and not because someone with a degree has said it is right. God has given you a gift of a brilliant Mind in which you are capable of things beyound belief. Take ever opportunity to show Him how much you appreciate His gift by using your Mind to make thoughtful decisions throughout the day. For He has given you a Mind so you do not have to depend on others to think for you. Be Still And Know That You Are Of You Own Mind. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Faith. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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