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God Blessed Morning Family!

Let Go and Let God. For He offers us many gifts of blessings throughout the day. In order to receive a gift I must first open my hands and release anything in which I am physically holding onto. This is true with Spiritual gifts as well, for I must mentally, and Spiritually release all forms of control in which I feel as if I must focus on in order to have the outcome I desire, for when I do this I Am limiting the abilities and possibilities in which God has in store for me. I always say, "God has a bigger plan, or God has a plan for all of that. " when I see someone desperately trying to control a situation which is beyond their capabilities. For example, when dealing with people who have a false sense of control in your Life such as a supervisor at work or a person whom perceives they have an authority invested in them by the government such as a judge or someone in law enforcement, they might tend to believe that they can control or have some say in your destiny. Well the truth is they only play a role in your journey but they have no control in your destiny for your encounter with them as with everyone you meet along this journey is one of Spiritual growth and nothing more. For everyone we meet leaves a small imprint on the molding of our character and gives us a greater understanding of the depths of our Soul's. But in the end no man has any control over you for God has a Master Plan that He has prepared to address every encounter in which you face, and the most amazing thing about it is that you don't even have to struggle or worry about the outcome for He is not only your Shepherd He is your savior and as you open your hands to release control you also open your heart to receive the Love in which He has for you. Open your hands and your heart and Let Go and Let God in, for He has bigger plans for you than you could ever imagine. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Destined. Be Still And Know That I Am Life.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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