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God Blessed Morning Family!

Pray with Confidence and Conviction for it is our Prayers and thoughts which are manifested into our actions and becomes our reality. There are those amongst us that Pray everyday but then question why they are not seeing any results to their Prayers. One reason could be that when they Pray they have a question mark behind every Prayer as if they are not worthy of what they are Praying for or they are questioning God's ability to fulfill their Prayer request. When you Pray Know That God hears your every word as well as your thoughts and you manifest what you put into Prayer for your words have power. Therefore, which Prayer do you think will be acted upon first, the one said with confidence and conviction or the one said in question as to whether it is even possible? If you looked in the mirror and said," I Am Pretty! " and then looked back and said, "I Am Pretty?" which one of these statements would you feel better about. This is exactly how your Prayer energy comes across and is received by the universe. Heck, if you don't know or feel confident about what you want and ask for in Prayer how can you expect the universe to put it into motion? When you Pray, be reminded that your words and thoughts have Power and if you don't believe that let me just remind you that when God created the universe He first spoke the words into existence to manifest all that He desired. "Let There Be Light". Genesis 1:3. He was not speaking to anyone because no one else existed but what He was doing was putting the energy of His words into the universe to be manifested into what He desired and proclaimed. Now do you think He said, "Let There Be Light!" or He said, "Let There Be Light?" Come on, of course He said it with Confidence and Conviction for if He didn't His creations would have not been boldly formed as He desired. Just Know That when you Pray He is not only listening He is receiving and connecting to your energy and He has already let it be known that you are worthy of His Love and Blessings so Pray as if your Prayer is in motion and it has already been done for," Our Father which art in heaven . . . thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. . . " Matthew 6:9-10. For your words have energy and your Prayers are conversations with God and therefore, He encourages you to ask and you shall receive, but I also encourage you to ask with Confidence and Know That His Will Be Done. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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