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God Blessed Morning Family!

To Forgive Is Divine! When we harbor resentment and anger we are darkening our thoughts and energy with regards to things of the past. Move on and release your Spirit from the weight of these negative emotions and memories. For when we do not Forgive we only hold ourselves hostage to the memories and pain surrounding the situation in which we refuse to get over. It is in our best interest to Forgive so that we can move on and allow ourselves to release the shadows of the past and bask in His Light as we walk away from negative energy and thoughts. It is in our control to release these feelings and once we do we will find that the only person suffering was ourselves and not the person or situation in which we stored and bottled up these ill feelings about. Reliving the negative moments of the past only keeps old wounds from healing. It is as if you put on this suit of armor to protect yourself from not being hurt by these negative memories and emotions but every time you reflect upon the negative past you add more weight to your armor and soon enough you are so bogged down in this weighted suit of armor that you can only think about how you can't freely move about and with every step you think about how heavy the suit is and nothing else matters. Soon you can't focus on anything more than this heavy suit of armor that you thought was protecting you but now you realize it is not only restricting you it is a danger to you because it leaves you emotionally and physically vulnerable to a situation that no longer exists except for the fact that you keep it alive in your memory. Release this memory and your pain, resentment, grief and all other negative and weighted emotions will go with it. You will then realize that you no longer feel the same way regarding the matter and you will also see how Life has moved on without you as you stayed in the past festering over a situation in which you had no control over other than to Forgive and move on. For if you could have controlled it it would have never occurred and you would have not harbored these unforgiving emotions for one second of your Life. Take from the situation what ever you can to learn that when we choose not to Forgive we are only harming ourselves and no one else suffers as you will carrying around a weighted down suit of armor that was meant to protect you but quickly became a suit of pain and darkness that only served to restrict your movement into the Light of God. Release yourself from the darkness and heavy burdens that come with not Forgiving those who trespass against us and allow the Divine Spirit to Forgive you of your trespasses. Forgive and then Forgive yourself for not Forgiving for God has already Forgiven us all of our sins, who are we to be unforgiving if the Father has Forgiven us for we knew not what we were doing. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Forgiveness. Be Still And Know That I Am Light. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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