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God Blessed Morning Family!

Be Still And Know That I Am. These words sound simple enough but still there are those amongst us who do not Know how to Be Still. For Being Still is not a physical act it is one of a Spiritual nature in which we connect to God no matter what is going on around us. It is an ability to see the forest for the trees for there are times we are so focused on what is right in front of us we negate the fact that our physical environment is nothing but a big distraction that at times leads us away from God. During the day we are consumed with our thoughts about what we want to get accomplished we fail to see the signs of God all around us that let us Know He is present and in control of not only our universe but also our journey that will lead us to our destiny. Because our day is so jammed packed with activities that stimulate the physical senses they can tend to drown out our most important sense which is our Spiritual sense which connects us with the Divine. It is because of this we begin to lose focus of His bigger picture that defines our overall destiny. But it is when we are Still and allow ourselves to connect with God all becomes revealed and we are aware of the fact that what is happening amongst us in which we feel we cannot control we are to lay at His feet for these battles and distractions are not ours to fight for He can overcome it all if you just ask. He will place in your path the right scenario, along with the right people at the right time for your smallest to your largest desires to be fulfilled. Be Still, during the day take a moment to connect with God this can be done through prayer, meditation or a conversation spoken out loud our a thought in your head, it does not really matter how you achieve it, all that matters is that you make the connection for it is in your benefit so that you can see His hand and His work that sorrounds you every second of your physical and your eternal Spiritual Life, for His Power is great and resonates not only throughout the universe but also though His Children. Whem you are Still you woll become aware of His presence, for He is already aware of yours. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know I Am Present. Be Still And Know I Am Life. Be Still And Know I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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