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God Blessed Morning Family!

I welcome the Change of everyday with Joy and enthusiasm for what the day will bring and what works of God I can not only see but sense. For Change is not always perceived by most as good and it places fear in those because they are not in control. But it is our Faith which teaches us that we are to understand that all Change is in the hands of God and fear is nothing but a lack of Faith in God. I welcome each Change in my Life no matter if it is bad or good for whatever God has for me is for me and if Change must be had in order for me to physically and Spiritually grow I welcome it. For if the Change brings about sadness it is Within the sadness that I must grow and find a deeper connection with God, and if the Change brings Joy it is also Within the Joy I must obtain a deeper connection with God. Therefore, no matter how I look at Change it serves a purpose in my Life at the time in which it is occurring for God has placed it in my pathway and it will and has become an intricate part of my destiny. It is not always possible to view the Change in which you experience as something positive or good but it is possible to look at it as part of God's Master Plan for if He did not want it to occur it would not . For during our journey rain will fall and darkness will come but these events shall always come to pass and it is what you do at that moment and how you reach a deeper connection with God is what is most crucial to your Life's journey. For as I look back upon my.many years I recall how I felt at critical moments in my Life and I look upon how I dealt with them and it is those particular moments which defined my character and Faith in myself and God the most. For I Am who I Am today because of the Changes in my Life in which I have endured with God not only watching over me but by my side taking every step with me and when I could no longer walk He carried me through for He is my Shepherd. Welcome the Changes in your Life with Joy and enthusiasm for they are what mold you into the person you are today and will become tomorrow for not all Change might not be seen as positive but it is good for it is part of His Master Plan in which He has ordained your destiny. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know I Am Change. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Good. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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