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God Blessed Morning Family!

In the Silence there is Peace. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed just Silence your mind and your thoughts will be followed by your actions. If you find that you have too many things on your plate that are each demanding your immediate attention allow yourself to become Still and then ask God to guide you through the process of addressing and accomplishing each one within His Divine Order. For you can never go wrong when you address things through the order in which He has established. Certain things in Life must take priority and others must fall in line in the order in which they are to be addressed because not everything can have the same level if urgency. On order to prioritize your Life you must begin with finding your comfort from Within for it is in the Silence of your mind you will find the answers in which you seek. Don't allow nervous energy to take over your manner of addressing things for it does not allow you to focus on the guidance which is coming from God. When you are Still you will find your clarity and it will become clear as to what item or issue you should address first. For in His Divine Order your choice will be based on His logic and He will allow it to appear to you as the most obvious of choices. For when we are overwhelmed our mind is cluttered making our energy nervous and blurring our vision and connection with God this is why our decisions become even more difficult. But when you are Still things that have the least importance do not reveal themselves because you are in the presence of God and first and foremost all Glory Be To God and everything else will fall into place. For when you are in His presence nothing of negative energy will factor into your Life. For that which is of negative energy has no level of importance other than to be disposed, for it will all fall short, for it is a weapon formed against you that shall not prosper, for in the Silence there is Peace and He is present. Be Still And Know That I Am Present. Be Still And Know That I Am Silence. Be Still And Know That I Am Peace.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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