God Blessed Morning Family!

Rejoice for God has Blessed us with Unconditional Love, Peace and Joy. For Love, Peace and Joy are the three things most needed and desired by all in order to have a perfect foundation of a relationship with others, yourself and God. For if you have Joy it begets Peace and Love. When you have Peace it begets Love and Joy. When you have Love it begets you Joy and Peace. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to have one without the other and if you do then you really do not have either for they all go together for such is the,"fruit of the Spirit..", Galatians 5:22, for Love, Peace and Joy are the key foundations to Life in which Spirit is the core which supports the foundation. Love, Peace and Joy are gifts from God for no man can take them from you for they are intricately entwined Within your Soul and it is not for the taking only the giving. So when you say someone has taken or stolen you Joy, Peace or Love it is not so, for it is that you have given it away in theory for it remains with you through eternity for you are a Child of God and you were created in Love, Peace and Joy for the heavens celebrated the birth of your Spirit and it's placement into your temple so that you can always reflect His image in the physical as you do in Spirit. For Love, Peace and Joy will always be Within you for it is who you are first and foremost for God has not only Blessed you with it He has created you in it. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Peace. Be Still And Know That I Am Joy. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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