God Blessed Morning Family!

Everyday I strive for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul which keeps me aligned and connected with God. As the years add up it seems that more challenges get in the way of my goal of staying Healthy. But what I realize is that it is all a matter of choices in which I can control. For my Soul is surrounded in His Light and my Mind is focused on the commandments in which God has laid before me and my Body will follow. For all three are connected and will work together to achieve a Health Lifestyle that is worthy of His Children. Every morning I begin in Prayer, thanking God for His presence and allowing me another day to be of service to Him and His Children. Then I focus my mind in Prayer on a positive affirmation that will keep my Mind, Body and Souk in His Light throughout the day. My next action is to exercise my temple and fuel it with nutritious energy that will get me through the day. In this I practice balance and moderation so that I don't deny myself the things I desire but I don't over indulge to where I am uncomfortable and unhealthy. With this balance in my Mind, Body and Soul I am able to connect with God and focus on His works which surround me and not only am I able to see His hand I also feel His presence and guidance of my steps throughout the day. When I neglect either my Mind, Body or Soul my Life seems to be off balance and I struggle to gain a sense of purpose, and then I realize that I have overlooked what is most important which is maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle which helps the flow of positive energy Within, through and around my Body, Mind and Soul. For we are made in His image and the choices we make throughout the day will help us maintain a Healthy Lifestyle for our destiny is ordained and we make the choice of how we are Mentally, Physically and Spiritually as we make the journey. Be Still And Know That I Am Mind, Body and Soul. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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