God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for He has created us to serve a Purpose. Each of us serve a specific Purpose physically and Spiritually. Don't think for one second that your Life is meaningless and that you are not needed, for God has created us all to serve a specific Purpose. For if we compare our Lives to others it would not look the same because that is not why He created us. Some of us feel that we Know our Purpose and we become driven to fulfill it, others think we have to search it out in order for our Purpose to be revealed, but the truth is that your existence is your Purpose. For we were born into our Purpose and every step we make is driven in the direction of our Purpose, for God has ordained our destiny and within our destiny is our Purpose. Some of us may go through this physical journey and never continously Know our Purpose, but understand that whether or not we are aware of our Purpose it is being fulfilled and your role is and intricate and meaningful part in His Master Plan. For He has created us all for a reason and our presences it not only required it is necessary for His Divine Order. Our presence in this universe holds a deeper meaning than what we experience in our daily routine. Christ's Purpose was not just to appear in the physical and perform miracles, His Purpose was much greater served and is continued to be served in the Spirit. Some of us will have a physical journey that might span several decades and some might only take one breath but let it be Known that we all serve a greater Purpose in the physical as well as in the Spiritual here on earth and into the universe and for eternity. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Purpose. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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