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​God Blessed Morning Family!

By the Grace of God He does not Judge us. " Judge Not and ye shall not be Judged. . . Forgive and ye shall be Forgiven": Lukes 6:37. To not past Judgement is one of the most difficult tasks we are faced with on a daily basis. For no matter what we do, we could be isolated and completely shut off from society and still we will Judge ourselves, for we are our worst enemy. We are all flawed Children of God and yet He Judges not for we are perfect in His eyes. When Jesus faced the angry mob and said,"He that is without sin amongst you, let him first cast a stone at her."John8:7 This was to say that we are all of sin and if you desire to Judge one of God's Children you must Judge yourself first. Although we may not like what we know about someone we must first understand that they are a Child of God and it is not our place to Judge them for that is up to God, but it is our place to Forgive and Love our Brethren for we are our Brother's Keeper. It is the things we don't understand and/or agree with about each other which makes us see each other as different and this is what makes our Lives interesting. For it is our differences which make us unique and our perspective about our environment and universe intriguing to the point in which we make comparisons but we must be careful not to Judge for Judgement is a task that is to be left to God for He can only be the Judge of His Children and not man, "The Lord shall Judge the people. . ." Psalms 7:8, for He is a forgiving and understanding God of unconditional and eternal Love. Be quick to Love, slow to compare differences and never attempt to Judge yourself as well as your Brethren. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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