God Blessed Morning Family!

Ask and you shall receive. We are Blessed for God has Graced us with the ability to have a Conversation with Him. He hears your every thoughts but He only Answers when you Ask, for He will not impose upon you if you do not Ask. What will you Ask God for today? This seems to be a simple question but when Asked amongst different people their Answers will be completely different, but the most amazing thing about it is that God is listening to all requests and willing to grant every last one no matter how small or great as long as you ask in Faith as little as a grain of a mustard seed. You don't even have to believe in yourself or your request being granted just Know the Power of God and you will Know that He has Graced your words with energy that once placed into the universe will set things in motion to grant your request. It is as simple as having a Conversation with God, for He does not require any formality nor any ritual behavior, for your request can be emotional or not, He still hears you for His Heart is open to you for your are His Child and His desire is that you shall not want for He has provided all your needs. "Ask and it shall be given you. . .", Matthew 7:7, Luke 11:9. "For everyone that Asketh receiveth..." Luke 11:10.

"...Ask the Father in my name, He will give it to you...John 16:23 "...Ask and ye shall receive, that your Joy may be full." John 16:24. Lord hear our Prayer, for we Ask that you not only hear our Prayer that you fulfill our Prayer. Today I Ask that He place us in His Light and that He deliver us from darkness and shadows that attempt to dim our pathway. Today I Pray and Ask that we receive this Prayer: God I know in this life there are things that are impossible for me but every thing is possible for You. I ask that you immediately remove the darkness and negativity which surrounds your Children. Place us in Your Light and surround us so that no darkness or negativity penetrates our aura. Remove all the darkness and negativity from us and place us in Your Light. Let our words and actions be filled with Your Light. I Ask that You fill our thoughts and heart with Your Light so that darkness has no place to hide.

Be Still And Know That I Am.



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