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God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for our Wisdom is not sought through or gained through man but by the Power of God for there is no force in existence that is comprable. For Jesus was crucified by and due to the weakness of man but He Lives due to the Power of God. For we are truly Blessed for the Power of God surrounds us, it not only protects us it is a part of us for it is the Light that is Within. For we are driven by our Faith but it is in His Power that we are given eternal Life,"Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the Power of God." Luke 22:69 It is His Power that generates our Soul and allows us to see and connect with Him on a Spiritual level. For there is no greater Power that can and will enter and define your Life. Man has no Power over man, for what he believes he controls is false power given unto him by man himself. Don't ever let anyone have control over you Life for God has already ordained your destiny and all the Glory Be to God. For it is the Power Within us that is at His hand in which we thrive and obtain Wisdom, Guidance, and eternal Life, for the Power of God surrounds You, the Power of God enfolds You, the Power of God is Within You and where ever You are God Is. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Power. Be Still And Know That I Am Eternal. Be Still And Know That I Am Within. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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