God Blessed Morning Family!

Rejoice for this is a day the Lord has made and with it comes a New Beginning. For it is because God's Love is unconditional and He is a Forgiving God and with each new day He has Graced us with an opportunity for New Beginnings. For with each day brings a New Beginning in which we can find the strength in our Faith in God and ourselves to transition, transform and/or transcend into a New Beginning because with each second of the day God gives us the opportunity to start fresh. For the Grace of God is bestowed upon us and although we cannot erase our past God lends us every opportunity to pursue refreshing our thoughts and ideas about ourselves and where we are in Life and where we want to go with God. Ever step of this journey is a doorway that leads to a New Beginning, for as we walk the pathway it is illuminated by God and as we move forward we can see how we cannot erase our footsteps but we can build upon it for the future contains untapped moments that offer nothing more than opportunities for a New Beginning. The best part about New Beginnings is that our options and choices are as limitless as God's Love and can span the universe as high, deep and wide as His Light penetrates every aura of our Being. For every New Beginning begins with God for He is our creator and not only the Master of our universe but the Power that has defined and ordained our destiny and with every change and addition to our journey He has all editing and final approval for we are a major part of His Master Plan and He has Graced us with the opportunity for not only a new day but also a New Beginning. Awake and Rejoice for you never have to let another second pass you by without giving it the opportunity to be a New Beginning. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am New Beginnings. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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