God Blessed Morning Family!

As we are about to embark on the seasonal and annual celebrations let's take a moment to Celebrate Life. For with each fleeting moment Life is there to experience the good and the bad for it all begins and ends with Life. Praise God for He has given us the precious gift of not only physical Life but also eternal Life that we at times overlook because we are so fixated on the physical aspects of Life. We tend to forget that the true blessing of Life is that it is eternal and that it is always evolving and expanding from the experiences in which we encounter along the way. When we physically lose someone through death it is normal to mourn the physical Life that is no longer present and it is also acceptable to mourn the end of

a relationship because under both circumstances Life as we have come to know it will be no longer the same. Instead of mourning Life we should be Celebrating everything about it for it is why we breath and why we are fortunate enough to have the encounters and experiences we can look back on and give Praise to God for giving us not just physical Life but also eternal Life for our journey never ends it just transitions and transcends into something greater and worthy of Celebration. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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