God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for there are Moments in Life which are unavoidable. We are bound by our destiny to experience certain things that might be seen at first as a detriment but as time moves on we are able to see that it was for the best. As we go through difficult times we are to look upon them as defining Moments for our Lives will never be the same, for our character and Spirit will be stronger and wiser. As we experience difficult Moments it is important that we remember that we are not alone, for He is always with us and He is prepared to carry our burdens for all we need your do is Let Go and place them at His feet and sit back and Let God take the wheel, for He Knows the roadway well, for He has created the roadmap that forged the pathway of our ordained destiny. The reason we find these Moments to be difficult is because we tend to shy away from tasks we prefer not to do and when we have no choice but to face it we meet it head-on with resistance. At times it is our resistance to the change or facing the difficulties we fear which causes more emotional and physical damage than the change itself or the act of facing our fears. There is no greater way to move past these difficult Moments than to just face them with the understanding that these are not out battles to fight, for God is in charge and wants us to rely on our Faith in Him that if He brings us to it He will bring us through it, and we will be better for the experience of it all, for these are the Moments which stand out the most and truly define our Lives and give us greater understanding of our connection to God. It is precisely at these Moments in which we should give pause and Praise Him for He sees more in us than we do, for the at that very Moment it becomes clear that bigger your challenge or fear the greater the change Within you. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am The Moment. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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