God Blessed Morning Family!

Live every moment of your Life in the abundance of Joy and Peace in which God has Graciously bestowed upon you. Life is not meant to be wasted in misery it is to be enjoyed so that when the bad times come and darkness falls we can move through it knowing that better days are ahead of us for weeping may be endured during the night but Joy comes in the morning. For God has created a universe for us to Live a Joy filled Life it is not just for our survival for it contains everything we will ever need for but it is also for our enjoyment in which we can bask in the sun, take pleasure as we dip our feet in the ocean and marvel in all the fruits if His labor in which He has Blessed us with experiencing every moment in which we are fulfilling our destiny. Stop fretting over every event being perfect and allow the moment to happen naturally as God has meant it to be and you will see that as long as you try to control each second of your Life's journey you are not really Living in the moment, you are wasting time trying to create the next moment the way you think it should be. Allow yourself to release control and Let Go, give it over to God for only then will you see clearly what your journey is truly meant to be. Even though Christ had the Power to control what would occur around Him more so than most He allowed His destiny to play out in they way in which God had defined, for even when it was painful and difficult to endure He knew that God had a better plan for His Life''s journey than what He could have crafted. We may not like at times what Life has to offer us but we must always keep in mind that it is all part of God's Master Plan. For our Life's journey has been ordained and the outcome will always be better than what we could have ever imagined or attempted to control. Let Go and Let God for in His Master Plan He has forged a path for each of us out of Love and has illuminated it with His Light so that we will never face a moment in Life alone and without His guidance. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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