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God Blessed Morning Family!

Do not believe the negative things in which others will tell you about yourself for they are motivated to do as such from a dark place in which they keep hidden in their heart. Know that you are a Child of God and only His opinion matters for He truly understands the depths of your Soul and the reasons in which you are the way you are for He is the one that placed the Light in your heart. There are times when we feel the opinion of others matters but the truth is that if you asked 100 people their opinion about you they will all have a different opinion. For the truth is we are all different and because we are we tend to see each other differently. This is why you should not hold the opinions of others so close to your heart. God sees us all differently as well and what He sees in you will never be the same as what He sees in me, for His Light shines differently Within our hearts for it beats at a rythm that can only be mimicked with a pacemaker but never duplicated, for we are unique and should only take the opinions of other's to be constructive but never allow them to darken our hearts or change the way we see or think about ourselves. For as He will never forsake us He will never judge us for as a Child of God He Knows our heart for it is His Light that shines so bright Within us and makes us who we are. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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