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God Blessed Morning Family!

When you are on the edge Know that God is always there to pull you back in. There are a million ways to end Life but only one way to create it, through the Light of God our Lord and Savior. Don't sit idly back and take Life for granted waiting for something to happen to motivate you to get excited about your Life, some people speak of near death experiences that make them look at their Lives differently, but it should not be this type of experience that would get you motivated about Living your Life to the fullest, for all you need to be excited about Life is right before you. If you find it hard to connect with the beauty of Life that is before you just Be Still and you will feel the Power of God all around you and most of all Within you. We don't have to fear losing Life to value it or appreciate it for God has made it clear that every Life serves a purpose that He values so much He has given us His only begotten Son so that we can Live a Life of forgiveness of our sins and filled with His unconditional Love. Don't allow the clouds of darkness to push you over the edge, turn your heart towards the Light of God that is Within you and surrounds you with Love and all that appears dark will disinitegrate right before your eyes. For it is the same Light of God that is present Within all of us that is in Christ, His Son, our Savior, rejoice for it is God's Light and His Love that gives us Life regardless if we place our heart in the shadows of the valley for He will never forsake us for He is our Shepherd and He will always be our Savior in physical as well as in Spirit. Glory Be To God for He has Blessed us with Life on earth as it is in heaven. Open your eyes and see that the suffering you endure is a way of removing you from the darkness in which you have allowed to surround you and your preparation to seeing your Life as a Joyful Gift from God for He gave us His Son in order for us to see how much each of us is worthy of a celebration of our Lives. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Joy. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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