God Blessed Morning Family!

As we come upon the closing of another year take a moment to Forgive those who trespassed against you. Don't take an unforgiving heart into a new year. Leave all grudges in the past, for they only weigh you down with negative feelings and darkness. Release your heart and Forgive, give flight to those thoughts and memories of trespasses that give you negative vibrations. Allow your heart to release the pain that comes when we cling to unforgiving thoughts that become our behaviors. Release your heart and you will feel the weight of world lifted from your chest, Let Go of the pain and allow God in, Forgive and save yourself from Living a Life filled with negativity and darkness brought on by you not wanting to Forgive. Visualize yourself packing two suitcases, on one suitcase bagtag label it Love and fill it with all the Love you felt during the year and all the Love you desire in the next. On the other suitcase bagtag label it negativity and fill it with all your negativity that causes you pain, sorrow, anger and bitterness and everything that is dark that has clung to you throughout the year. Take the suitcase labeled negativity and leave it at the dumpster so that it is picked up by the sanitation workers and tossed into a large bonfire. As your suitcase of negativity is burning so are all your sorrows, pain , anger and bitterness, and as these emotions go up in smoke they can never to be a part of you ever again. Take your suitcase filled with Love and board a flight destined for the new year and at midnight of January 1st when you land unpack your suitcase and welcome Love back into your Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Forgiveness. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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