God Blessed Morning Family!

Most of us start the New Year with a resolution detailing a specific item or items in which we will strive to do, overcome or accomplish in the New Year. Normally these are Positive things that are meant for our betterment. Some of us are firm and manage to achieve our resolution but the majority of us don't even get halfway through before we revert back to our old and comforting ways. For a habit is formed out of repetition and if you want to break a habit you must consistently work at it for more than three months straight. But the problem is we at times get overwhelmed with how great of a change we are attempting to make and we don't know where to begin. So I say approach each day as if you are climbing a mountain, because it is logical that you would not begin to climb a mountain from the middle or top, you would start at the base and take one step at a time to move yourself up the mountain. Just like in Life you will need to take one step at a time to achieve anything you desire to accomplish. First step for the New Year, make a decision as to what it is you want to achieve and them begin to tell yourself every morning that you can achieve all things through Christ who strengthens you. Then step two create a Positive Affirmation that will motivate you to overcome, accomplish or even give you the energy to approach the day knowing that you will begin and complete the day with God by your side and therefore you can face everything and anything knowing that you are not alone. Don't worry for God Knows that the flesh is weak but the Spirit is strong and in the face of anything His Children will always prevail. A Positive Affirmation that I say everyday is," Thank you God for keeping me Healthy; mentally, physically, emotionally, Spiritually and financially. " This let's me know and reaffirms that God is doing everything to guide me in the right direction in which I can find healthy choices in these areas and now it is up to me to make the choice. If you desire to make a change in your life then begin each day with a vision of what your Life would look like once you have achieved this goal. Keep that vision alive throughout the day and you will begin to make decisions that will move you in that direction and before you know it you will have achieved all that you desired. Be Still And Know That I Am .



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