God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for it is His Mercy and Grace in which He guided us through a year gone by and is opening up a new year filled with all possibilities. For it is by the Grace of God we are able to see another day as we closed out another year in our Lives. Each new day is filled with the anticipation of achieving goals in which we set for ourselves, for it seems that with each new year we set goals in which we are excited to see the results in the coming days. For a great majority these goals are to challenge our will to make a difference in our Lives for we look at a new year as a new opportunity on Life. It is interesting how we place so much on the changing of the year but don't look at the changing of the day, month or seasons the same way. I guess it is because with each year we grow older and tend to celebrate the new year as if we have achieved a milestone. If you could Live each day as if it were a new year celebration what would your day look like? Would it be filled with greetings of smiles, well wishes, hugs and overflowing with enough positive energy to face the day and take on the anticipated challenge of meeting our set new years goal? Why not make this the case every day and not just the first month of the new year? Greet each morning with anticipation and excitement for what the day will bring. Start your day knowing that God is bringing your way something new and with all of the joy and excitement of greeting the new year. Beginning the day in this state of mind will allow you to put your thoughts into action which will open up the universe to attract and bring forth the similar energy in which you are putting out. For we shall reap what we sow in our thoughts and actions throughout the day. Be a reflection of the good in which you anticipate throughout the year and you will find that by the Mercy and Grace of God you will easily meet every goal in which you have set out to achieve. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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