God Blessed Morning Family! 

We have God to thank for the timely nature in which things have occurred in our Lives. There are times in which we feel that nothing is happening and we are not making any headway towards our goals and then suddenly everything falls into place and we have completed our goals way ahead of the time frame in which we had originally planned. This is all in accordance with the Divine Order of God's Time, for only He can control it as well as what is to occur at any time in our Lives. We are all born at a specific time and we will all depart the physical world at a specific time. There is nothing we can do to change either of the two time frames for they are all part of His Divine Order of Time. The most we can do is make the best of each moment of time in which we have. I think it is a shame if we spend each moment of our time at war with one another for then we have overlooked the true blessing of our time here in the physical for God wants us to experience every moment as He had defined in His Commandments which is a reflection of how He desired us to Live our Lives Loving Him and one another, for time spent doing anything less than this is not time well spent. He has given us the gift of time to do with what we please, but in the end we will all fulfill our destiny as He has ordained within the time frame in which He has defined within His Divine Order of Time. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Time. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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