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God Blessed Morning Family! 

All things are possible with God in your Life. For it is true when you don't have fear then you have Faith that God is in control of your Life and you Know that He shall never forsake you. It is only when you allow fear in is the precise moment in which you allow doubt and worry to enter your thoughts. Doubt and worry only serve to keep your mind occupied and your thoughts away from God's presence in your Life, for the two serve no other purpose. To reassure yourself that you can accomplish all things through God look at your own desires of the past year and note how many of them have come to fruition when you have Let Go and Let God not only into your Life but also take control of whatever the outcome may be of the tasks you had at hand. Give it all to God for the outcome you desire might not be as great as the one He has in His Master Plan for you. For when we seek to control our situations we limit the possibilities of what God has in store for us, for He only Knows how to do things one way and that is whatever is best for His Children for He is not only our Savior but He is our Shepherd and we shall not want. Place your fears and worry at His feet and you shall see the universe open up to you with unlimited possibilities. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Possibilities. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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