God Blessed Morning Family! 

Always Know That you have a Friend in Jesus, for He will never forsaken you and will be by your side when you call upon Him for help. A person in which I consider wise once told me that the more you become successful the less friends you will have. I struggled with that statement for awhile because I was of the belief that when you become successful your Friends would want to celebrate your success with you. But as I have grown over the years I have come to realize that Friendship is something sacred and should be cherished if it is sincere, because a True Friend is hard to find. There might be times in your Life where society has condemned you for your actions but a true Friend will tell you when you are wrong but will still stand by your side when your judgement day comes. For a Friend is not a "yes person" that is going to agree with you when you are wrong but they will stand by your side and take your hand in prayer. I for one cherish everyone who has entered my Life and has extended their hand in a Friendship that is honest, truthful and fair. Not every Friend will last a Lifetime nor will they remain when the journey gets rough but they all serve a purpose and just like the seasonal changes which occur every year our Friend may come and go but they will always have a place in our heart for they have traveled and experienced a portion of this journey with us. Not everyone will be your Friend in the manner in which you desire but all that matters is that in the end you were a true Friend to those in which you considered a Friend. For we Know that as long as we have Jesus in our Lives we will always have a Friend for Eternal Life. Be Still And Know That I Am Love. Be Still And Know That I Am Friendship. Be Still And Know That I Am Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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