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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for every moment we Live is in the Light of His Truth. We are equipped with the natural ability to identify what is real and what is not in the environment in which God has created, for we can see the forest for the trees. Society has gone so far to create an environment that is filled with deceit and falsehood so much so that what is identified as "Reality TV" is really scripted TV. They have been so good at creating this false image that it is now a billion dollar industry that nearly every corner of Life is willing to get in front of a camera and create a scenario that is so outrageous, self degrading and demoralizing in a desire to gain instant fame and fortune. The fortunate thing is that this so called "Reality TV" is a fad that society will soon lose interest in, but in the mean time there has been so much damage done not only to the reputation of those who participate but also to those who desire to imitate the negative and glutinous behaviors they are viewing. The destructive nature of these shows have a tendency to play out in the Lives of the viewers because it is believed that if you want to get ahead you must take on the characteristics of these fake "Reality TV" stars who not only lack talent but also morals. Live in your Truth and you shall be set free. Don't idealize those who behave badly in order to get ratings and money. Use your free time to focus on the word of God, "Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." Joshua 1:8 For it is as simple as that when you Live in the Light and Truth of God you fortune and fame is all around you. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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