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24/7 365 DAYS

God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for He acknowledges our existence every day, with a sunrise and sunset. For He is always present and no matter whether or not if and when we call upon Him He will always be there for He is patient. How many times a week do you recognize God? Is it just on Sundays or when you are in need? Imagine if He only recognized you only on Sundays or whenever He felt the need though you have been talking to Him and in His presence day and night, 24/7, 365 days. Just because we do not see Him or have an immediate need for Him does not mean He is not present nor does it mean He is not listening to our heart all day long, 24 / 7, 365 days, for God never sleeps nor does He leave our side for He is our Savior, our Salvation and our Shepherd. God is present and He is waiting for you to acknowledge Him in your Life, for He is busy watching over you and listening to your heart, but He is also patient enough to wait for us to ask for His help, and while He waits he sends us His Love through sunrises, sunsets, rainbows and flowers and all the beauty of the earth which surrounds us letting us Know that He is present in every moment of our Lives no matter whether we need Him to be or not."The Lord isn’t slow to keep his promise, as some think of slowness, but he is patient toward you, not wanting anyone to perish but all to change their hearts and lives." 2 Peter 3:9. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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365 Days of Affirmations

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