God Blessed Morning Family! 

Today is a day in which the United States recognizes the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to this country. He not only preached that protests against race discrimination should be peaceful he also practiced and participated in many. As he did as such many of time he was assulted, berated and humiliated by those who disagreed with him. Taking up this unpopular stance was not only dangerous for him but also his family and those that did support him. Some would sit in silence because they feared that they too would be harmed and they also felt that what little they had they would lose for a cause that would not change the way in which the majority of society had viewed that their treatment of minorities was justified and need not change. Today we recognize his work and dedication and the changes he made strides to make, but do we recognize that all his work was his calling for it was defined as his destiny to take up an unpopular and unwinnable and unchangeable cause? When someone has so much passion over something that is deemed not only impossible but also unpopular and life threatening and they still move forward to make it happen it is because God has placed it in our destiny and what is thought of as a dream takes on Life because God has placed it Within us to make it so. Our passion to see it through is because God has given us the road map and opened doors in which we saw as permanently shut. When something is part of your destiny you become passionate about achieving it so much so that your passion rolls over into your action and the actions of those who God touches to help you achieve His goals. Dr. King was impassioned with a destiny that was ordained by God so much so that it and the memory of him Lives on today just as many of the paths in which God has layed before His Children in which He ordained to take up a cause that was not popular but necessary to have His Children freed from the bondage of hatred and discrimination because of the flesh in which He has chosen them to be in. Similar stories fill the bible and are repeated throughout the ages for we are destined to repeat it if we do not recognize that we are of One flesh, One Spirit and of One God, for we are all His Children none more precious or favored over the other for we are all equal in His eyes. Be Still And Know That We Are One. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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