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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Be Still And Know The Voice of God. He is answering your Prayers for He hears you and He Knows your heart, He had not forsaken you nor will He not lead or shelter you from your enemies. Fear not for your Prayers are being answered for they are coming from a good place that is deep Within your heart. Make no mistake that your thoughts and Prayers will not go unanswered when you stand in His Light and embrace His Commandments, for this is His desire for His Children. He understands that there are times in which our flesh will be weak and we will fall to our knees and ask for His forgiveness not only for ourselves but also for those in which we have trespassed against and those that have trespassed against us and He will forgive us for His Forgiveness is like His Love unlimited and unconditional. Be Still And in the silence you will not only hear His voice you will feel His presence for it is the Calmness and Peace that overtakes you when you close your eyes, and even though your eyes are closed everything becomes clear for in that moment you are aware that you are standing in His Light as you have always been but were to busy taking in the destructions of the flesh. Make a point to Live each moment in His Light and you will never be lost nor feel that you are without His guidance, for He is not only our Shepherd, our Savior and our Father, He is the Light that gives us Life and the Voice we hear from deep Within our heart. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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