God Blessed Morning Family! 

Have Faith in God and All will be Well. For the United States of America yesterday marked the official transition of the office of Presidency. This transition was met with protests, anger and fear of the unknown for some and for others it was joyful and filled with anticipation of long awaited changes. What should this transition mean for you as a Child of God? It should mean that either way if you are worried and filled with fear or if you are excited and filled with optimism then you should always give it all to God, for no matter what your feelings He will assure that you are already physically and spiritually have what you need to endure, for it is in your  destiny as well as in your Faith that ,"let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance..." Hebrews 10:22, you need to move forward in preparation of what is to come. Those that fear lack Faith in the ability of God and doubt His work for all that has occurred and will occur is part of His Master Plan. Man can make promises but only God can assure that those promises are kept. God has promised us a Life in which He will be by our side and that He will never forsake us, therefore you should never worry about what is to come just Know that God is in control of the ultimate outcome for He is the ultimate Power of our universe, our Lord, our Savior and our Shepherd for our destiny lays in His hands and not the hands of man. For every transition in which you experience is and will be under the watchful eye of God, fear not as you go through it for He is leading you through the transition of the shadows and into the green pastures. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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