God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for He has given us the ability to be in Control. Although He has ordained our destiny He has given us Control of the choices we make along the way. For it is destined that we meet but during the encounter it is how we interact with one another which is in our power to Control. We may feel a certain way about one another or a particular situation but we can Control our actions and reactions. For God has given man the power to Control his actions but not the actions of each other. When man is under the belief that he can Control his or someone else's destiny he is operating under a delusion of power. For this is false power being controlled by man's ego in which he has entered a dark state of mind. We Control only our own emotions, actions and nothing more for our destiny is ordained and no matter what road we choose to travel we will achieve it for God has placed it in His Master Plan. To attempt to Control one another is futile for we will never achieve anything productive in attempting to be the master of our Brother's destiny. We have the power within us to make choices,  for only this is in our Control and when we do it with care and concern it is the generosity and consideration we show to one another that will display what is already Known, which is that we are in Control of our emotions and actions and God is in Control of our destiny. For the roads we travel are filled with unknown possibilities in which we can only Control our actions and reactions to what we encounter along the way but let it be Known that where the road ends is part of our destiny in which only God Controls. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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