God Blessed Morning Family! 

Lord Hear Our Prayers. Be Still And Know That God Hears You. Have you ever felt that when you were talking about a subject that is close to your heart that no one was listening? Have you ever been so excited regarding something you experienced but could not find anyone to share this joyful news with? Understand that God is always listening for you do not travel this journey alone. Even though He is present and He Knows of the events that are taking place in your Life He remains interested in every thought and word you desire to share with Him for as He is always present He is also always listening. Even though He may Know your heart and Soul He also desires to Know your thoughts. For God respects our privacy and would never act upon your thoughts unless we invited Him to; that why it is said that we must Ask in order to receive and we must also speak so we can be heard. Share all your thoughts and secrets with someone that can be trusted and will appreciate every word and creative idea that flows from Within you, for although He is our Shepherd, and Savior, He is also our Loving Father that lends an ear every time we ask Him to hear our Prayers. Speak to Him as you would speak to your dearest friend for with Him you need not prepare a written speech or speak in a foreign tongue, for He already Knows your heart and He understands not only your thoughts but also your desires. Speak out loud or within your hear it does not matter for He will hear every word and will respond to let you Know that He has heard your Prayers. Just Be Still and you will hear His response and if you don't just Know that He is present and He is Listening. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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