God Blessed Morning Family!

Praise God for He has given us Eternal Life. The physical loss of a loved one is difficult to process emotionally even when their passing was expected. For in the flesh we Know their physical presence and sometimes take our time with them for granted because we think there will always be more time. We'll in a sense that is correct but it will not be time spent together in the physical for we only Live on in Spirit. We understand that we are Spiritual Beings first and foremost but we get attached to what we see which is the physical world which surrounds us. Know that when a loved one passes away we still can remain in communication with them through our thoughts and prayers. There are times in which you might smell their perfume or cologne or you see, feel or hear something which triggers a happy memory. These incidents are not coincidences they are occurring because your loved one is around in Spirit and they want to send you a message of love. There are those in mourning that experience this but do not want to believe or express that it has occurred and the more they deny it the less contact and communication they will experience with their loved one. Death is not final for we are just transitioning from our temple into our original Spiritual state of being. For there is no pain in death only in the process of dying. Once we Let Go of the physical we will be with God in Spirit and that is the ultimate transition in which has always been our goal. For in the physical we Pray for Him to be present in our Lives and we ask for His protection, guidance, and favor. He answers our Prayers and gives us Unconditional Love, Mercy and Grace in the physical world but in the Spiritual it awaits us, for there is no pain or dying in Spirit only Eternal Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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